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Thomas C Souran, CEO

Gourmet Food Auction, LLC


Gourmet Food Auction Adding Specialty Meats, Gluten Free Items and Insect Candy to Their Already Diverse Inventory

Gourmet Food Auction, a leading online auction site for specialty food items, has announced the addition of several unique meats, including poussin, squab and buffalo filet, along with a new line of gluten free prepared meals and insect candies. Registered users can place a bid, “buy it now,” or purchase directly from the sites online store, saving both time and money while shopping online and having their products bundled together and delivered directly to their door. There is no charge for shipping and new clients receive a $25 credit toward their first order.

For those new to the world of specialty meats, poussin is a young chicken known for its delicate flavor and tenderness. The poussin featured on Gourmet Food Auction is antibiotic free, fed a vegetarian diet and farm-raised under stress free conditions. Squab is a young, domestic pigeon. Tender and succulent, it has commonly been served to kings and queens, presidents and dignitaries. Unlike other auction sites, Gourmet Food Auction includes “how to videos” which show customers various methods for preparing these distinctive items.

Their new line of gluten-free, prepared meals includes both chicken and beef accompanied by vegetables, potatoes or rice, and spices. And for foodies looking for the extreme in exotic flavors, or just a great gift, banana scorpion suckers, apple ant candy and scorpion brittle are just a few of the insect treats to choose from.

Gourmet Food Auction has been providing gourmet products and hard to find specialty foods to both consumers and businesses since their conception in 2005. “All customers will be able to find the highest quality and most diverse products on the web today, we are the E Bay of food,” said CEO, Tom Souran. Customers can purchase directly or start their bidding process at

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